What is Make My Day

Make My Day provides you with a list of tasks and how much time needs to be spent today on each one to ensure that all of your tasks will be completed before they are due. Gone are the days of not spending enough (or too much) time on tasks that are not immediately due.

Make My Day integrates closely with JIRA, a project management platform. JIRA provides a simple way of capturing all of the information which the Make My Day algorithm needs to generate your personalised daily task list. Make My Day uses the due dates and estimated time remaining on all of your open tasks so that no day is excessively overloaded. Make My Day shows you the list of tasks for you to focus on today.

The Make My Day Dashboard showing the three tasks to do today. The blue protion of the first progress bar indicates that 10 minutes of the 15 minutes to complete that task have been worked on.


Additional documentation and support for the Make My Day plugin is available.

Using Make My Day

Currently, MMD will not work if your JIRA installation is cloud-based. This that case or if you do not currently use JIRA, we can provide a managed instance of MMD and JIRA, with support for you.